Saturday, July 23, 2011

baby needs a ball

I decided to 'wing it'.  I knew that to make a ball I would need some tapered rectangles. 
Six panels seemed like a good number, so I cut them out.  
I then basted them together to see what happened.  Not so round!  It looked like if I added a couple more wedges that it would work, so I cut two more and basted them on.  Now it looked reasonably round.   I raided my trimmings box for bits to make tabs and handles and bumpy edges for baby to grab.  Then I set about sewing pairs together with tabs and handles in the seams.  Once I had the four pairs together, I sewed them to each other with piping and rick-rack in between.  The resulting hole at the top and bottom was big enough for me to turn it right side out.  

 I packed it full of fiberfill and threw some bells in for good measure.  (all things I had lying around, you know)  Using some blue jersey circles for end-caps, I hand-sewed them over the holes on each end.

 All done!

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